surgery is one of the  main treatments which is used for breast cancer, this treatment aims to remove the breast cancer with a border of normal tissue to reduce the risk of the cancer coming back in the breast. this is formally known as local recurrence.

according to Breast Cancer Care (2015) Surgery is usually the first treatment for breast cancer, however depending on where your cancer is situated in the breast, chemotherapy or hormone therapy is offered first. This is to begin the process of shrinking the cancer so that surgery may be less extensive.



types of surgery include ;

breast-conserving surgery



breast-conserving surgery

Breast-conserving surgery is the removal of the cancer with a border of  healthy breast tissue around it. It is also known as lumpectomy.

The aim is to keep as much of your breast as possible while trying to ensure the cancer has been completely removed. Clear margins are important and about one in four people having breast-conserving surgery will need further surgery. (Breast Cancer Care 2015).



Mastectomy means removal of all the breast tissue including the skin and nipple area.

If you are going to have a mastectomy, your breast surgeon will discuss the option of having breast reconstruction with you. If you’re having this at the same time as the mastectomy (immediate breast reconstruction), your breast surgeon may discuss other types of mastectomy.


A skin sparing mastectomy This is removal of the breast tissue and nipple area without removing much of the overlying skin of the breast.

A nipple-sparing mastectomy This is removal of all the breast tissue, without removing much of the overlying skin and the nipple area of the breast. (Breast Cancer Care 2015).



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