breast cancerOnce diagnosis has been confirmed, yourself and your consultants will start discussing treatment options and which is the best available treatment for you. You will be given the time to think about these options, and have the opportunity to speak with your specialist team about the advantages and disadvantages, before you make any decisions. Breast Cancer Care (2015).

It may feel more comfortable for yourself, to speak with family, friends or close relations about this options and ask for their advice to help you make your final decision. You may also feel overwhelmed with all the information given, so it is best to keep a log of questions you are unsure about, to ask at your next visit with your doctor.

Questions you may want to ask include;

How long will my treatment take?

Is there any side effects?

Why is this the best treatment you have suggested for me?

How will this impact my everyday life?

In some cases, treatment may be something you wish to refuse, due to personal or religious reasons. others may be afraid of the treatments and the side effects which could occur. Even if you wish to go ahead without2222
 treatment, it is strongly advised to discuss your decision with your doctor, and specialist team before making your final decision. Breast Cancer Care (2015).

Related treatments include:




Hormone (endocrine) therapy

Targeted therapies