Breast Cancer Campaigns

The month of October is well known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This entails as an annual campaign created to help increase awareness of breast cancer. Although this disease is well known, many still forget to take the steps needed in having a plan of detection. These steps are created to help catch the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same.

There are a range of campaigns that have been designed to raise awareness of breast cancer and can bee seen below. If you click on the title websites it will automatically bring you to that specific website.

National Breast Cancer Foundation promotes a national campaign that consists of volunteers fundraising to raise money for mammograms to be made available for women that is uninsured or is unable to afford one. Within their campaign the National Breast Cancer Foundation also provides an online program in which you are able to create your own early detection plan and invite others do the same.

Estee Lauder – Estee Lauder have created a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign that they promote every October, every year since 1992. Every product purchased under the pink ribbon symbol raises funds that is giving to research. Estee Lauder also uses social media to communicate with customers about breast cancer. They share content on their website where users are able to create “circles of strength,”  which are areas where they can share personal content about their knowledge or experiences.

Tickled Pink– Asda founded the local campaign Tickled Pink in 1996 with an aim to raise awareness of  breast cancer and help funding for the treatment in the UK. It created one of the most important partnerships between charity and business in the UK. This campaign has allowed Asda to support two charities that offer help and support for people diagnosed with breast cancer.

Asda has been raising money for breast cancer for 18 years and to date has raised £43 million. This year’s campaign Tickled Pink aims to raise a further £5 million. This will continue to support the amazing work that Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now provides.

put a lid no tag

Yoplait–  Yoplait is an international campaign that has fund raised for over 15 years. There fundraiser ‘Put a lid on it’ has raised nearly $35 million from all their donation programs. Due to this other campaigns they have created such as ‘Save Lids to Save Lives’ have given opportunities to many women in providing them with the support that they need when they most need it.

This year, Yoplait will  extend more support to women and their families all year round. working alongside American Cancer Society, they will acknowledge and support 14 individuals and the organizations that they are representing. These women’s stories are now available to read on Yoplait’s own website.

susan komen breast cancer

Avon– Avon is one of Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s founding partners that has lasted for more than 25 years. Avon is well known to be an iconic supporter of the breast cancer cause. Their bold mission is that by 2050 no woman will die of breast cancer. This is something that Avon expresses pride in supporting the cause.

Avon’s campaign is known as “The Avon breast cancer crusade”. It was launched in 1992 and still continues to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer, whilst explaining the effects it has on some many women’s lives. They promote this through their monthly catalogs, provide funding for vital research for treatments and a cure and help spread the message to all women to help raise breast cancer awareness.


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