Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and the most common cancer seen in women aged 15-45.  The risk of this increases with age and is seen mostly in those over the age of 75. Unfortunately younger females are not invited for breast screening, this doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t get breast cancer. Nearly 10,000 new cases of breast cancer were found in 2012 for ladies aged between 25 and 45 in the UK (Cancer Research UK 2013, Office for National Statistics 2015). And approximately 7% of women with breast cancer are diagnosed before the age of 40 years (Anders 2009) and therefore it is extremely important to know your breasts.

Take a look at our how to check page and the signs and symptoms page to see what you are looking at and looking for.  Breast cancer survival rates improve the earlier it is caught (Cancer Research UK 2012), so don’t wait, don’t think “it’s probably nothing I am too young” Get checking and see a health professional if you are experiencing symptoms or even if you are feeling unsure, it is better to be safe.


Key Points

  • Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant cells form in the tissues of the breast. Breast cancer is sometimes caused by inherited gene mutations (changes).


  • Signs of breast cancer include a lump or change in the breasts.


  • If cancer is found, tests are done to study the cancer cells.


  • Certain factors can affect prognosis and treatment options.





National Cancer Institute (2015) suggest The breast is made up of lobes and ducts. Each breast has 15 – 20 sections called lobes. Each lobe has many smaller sections called lobules. The lobes, lobules, and bulbs are linked by thin tubes called ducts.